New to Meraki Go

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New to Meraki Go

I am a long-term DrayTek user and interested in switching to the Meraki Go GX50.


We are a small business with 2 offices in the UK, as follows:


Head Office - Leased Line (100Mbit over 1Gbit bearer)

Terminates into ADVA FSP 150-GE102Pro

Connected to Cisco C1117-4P

Connected to DrayTek 2927


Branch Office - VDSL (75Mbit down, 20Mbit up)

Terminates into Huawei HG612

Connected to DrayTek 2860


Our offices are connected using a site-to-site IKEv2 VPN.


Remote users connect to the head office router using a mixture of VPN types (some IKEv2, others L2TP over IPSec).


We have servers hosted on-site and the servers that need it (VoIP server, web server) have their own dedicated WAN IP address.


For now, I only want to replace our head office DrayTek 2927 with a Meraki Go GX50.


Can I connect a DrayTek 2860 to a Meraki Go GX50 using a site-to-site VPN configuration?


Does the Meraki Go GX50 support IP Alias / Multi-NAT, where we can assign a WAN IP addresses to each hosted server?


Is there an additional, on-going cost for licensing and software updates?


Can I configure the client VPN to route traffic for specific websites only and have everything else route through the client's Internet connection?


Does the Meraki Go GX50 support QoS?


Can I trial a Meraki Go GX50 as a demo before I buy?


Thanks in advance.