Mesh Speeds

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Mesh Speeds

If you use the mesh feature on the AP’s, does it lower your speeds from one AP to another? If the AP’s are properly placed, should I expect the meshed (wireless AP) to deliver the same speed connections to subscribers as the main unit that is connected to the internet connection? I have a 1Gbps internet connection and I want to use wireless mesh throughout my house. Will the remote AP’s deliver max speed or are they condensed to 100mbps? Thanks I’m advance. 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee



If you are expecting a full GB internet connection to all or any of your wireless clients the quick answer to your question would be no.


There are many factors that will affect throughput and bandwidth throughout a wireless network. Due to the half duplex nature of wireless itself, interference in the RF environment, and wireless client capabilities. 


The meshing capabilities of the AP's themselves are reliable and easy to setup but performance will depend on the environment itself.

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