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Meraki Go vs Cable Providers (Spectrum/Comcast/Etc.)


Meraki Go vs Cable Providers (Spectrum/Comcast/Etc.)

Why Meraki Go over the WiFi offered by the broadband provider (ie Spectrum, Comcast, etc.)?

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Re: Meraki Go vs Cable Providers (Spectrum/Comcast/Etc.)

Hi @ValiantGS -


Meraki Go provides several major benefits over the access point features built into the ISP routers. Meraki Go allows you to quickly create secure Guest SSIDs to separate your visitors from customer data that's on your internal WiFi; it also lets you mesh indoor and outdoor APs to create seamless signal across your entire business; and it gives you the ability to traffic shape and filter your traffic to give priority to business-critical applications.


In addition to those features, Meraki Go's reporting and intelligence sets well above the WiFi offered by the ISP.