Meraki Go and disparate wired networks.

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Meraki Go and disparate wired networks.

My client has two buildings. They are currently using their wireless as a bridge between wired networks in the building:

Internet -> Router1 -> Wireless and other wired devices      ------- air gap ---------    wireless -> Router2 (not connected to internet - routes to router 1) -> Wired and wireless devices in other building

Can two merakiGo devices be configured in place of the router wireless in this scenario. They're envisioning 2 outdoor WAPs wired to the two routers (turning off the internal router wireless) and 2 indoor wireless access points to service the building - all connected to the local routers.  Will traffic from one wired network pass to the other wired network as long as they are private IP addresses, and do not overlap?  Or will only wireless traffic from the remote site pass to the router?  

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Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hey OS-Cubed!


At this time Meraki GO APs don't support extending the LAN in this manner; 

Only wireless traffic will pass from the remote site and the wired traffic would get dropped before passing over the air gap.



Dom Wilkins


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