Inconsistent Firmware

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Inconsistent Firmware

Hello, I have multiple organizations that have various firmware releases on same type of devices. Ex, one 24p-poe is running 12.28 while another in another organization is on 14.31


Can we get firmware Release Notes? Or at least a way to tell if the current firmware that's running on the devices is latest? 

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hello @AVS-Design-Inc, Firmware is set when creating your account, and will be the stable release as of account creation. Afterwards, critical firmware patches will be applied as needed to ensure a secure and high quality product over time. Firmware release notes can be provided by support as required by customers. If there ever deems to be a high demand for this we may tool out the required screens to show firmware release notes, but as of today this is a feature request to make it readily available in the app. It is always available upon request.

Understood, I'd there a way we can force the devices to update to the latest stable version of firmware?

For now, if you are eager for an upgrade, get in touch with support via the app (in the settings menu). We're more than happy to upgrade anyone's firmware at any time if you see it as inconsistent or out of date. Over the next few months, these instances should start to diminish significantly.

Why not keep everyone updated automatically to the most current versions?  Would make support easier as everyone would be on the same firmware for a particular device.

The majority of Meraki Go users will stay automatically up to date on the most current versions, @HFBCSoundbooth.

It would be awesome if, in addition to showing the firmware version, it showed the date of the update.

Consider it a wish/feature request made @HFBCSoundbooth  🙂


We'll consider it for a future release. Where would you expect to see this date, just below or beside the current version? Perhaps tapping the firmware version provides the date?

Just below the date would make sense to me. 

I meant just below the version number.