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IPv6 Routing

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I'm a network engineer and I wanted to upgrade my network at home now that I'm working from home so opted in for Meraki Go for the simplicity on the license model and 'just works' attitude. I work quite often with servers that are IPv6 only so I wanted to see when it's planned to roll out IPv6 to the gateway so my devices can obtain an IPv6 and I can communicate with other IPv6's on the internet. I'm happy using tunnels for now but ideally I'd like to leverage IPv6 at home as it's really a standard nowadays.


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I second that motion.  I would love to see IPV6 supported.



Dave Anderson
Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

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Most of our hardware supports the IPv6 stack, such as GS and GR. The GX however does not yet route IPv6 traffic.

This is definitely on our road map to be supported in the future but we do not currently have any form of ETA.