How to find out the device's Wan's IP ?


How to find out the device's Wan's IP ?

I need to find out the IP addresses linked to the device's Wan interfaces
I used the Get Device Appliance Uplinks Settings call from the Meraki API but it did not give me information about the interfaces with dynamic IP


I would like to know if there is any call in the Meraki API that returns information from the wan1 and 2 interfaces
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hello @ruan_defesacibe


Are you talking about Meraki or MerakiGo? If it is Meraki, you need to post your question here: Meraki Community , this is the MerakiGo-forum.


If you're looking for the information on MerakiGo, do this: 


Open the MerakiGo-App or sign in to


Go to the Tap "Hardware" and select your device, scroll down and you will see Product Information. Public IP might be what you are looking for I guess.