How can I get back into my Meraki Go App and Portal?


How can I get back into my Meraki Go App and Portal?

I set up a Meraki Go account years ago at my home and used my email address at the time.  Now I am trying to login to my portal and app and it says it has to send me a code, but I no longer have access to my email address.  (Since Google took them over and addresses no longer exist)  I know my password and username, but I am stuck without access to that email address.  How do I get access?

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Do you know the login information for the email-adress? You could try to sign in to gmail with that information.


Not sure if you could create a new account with Meraki and add the device to it? 

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this the OP is running into is the 2FA. This sounds like something support needs to assist with. You can wait for someone to answer here or email support for a faster response. 

Do you know the email address for Meraki Go support?  I cant find one. The Meraki Go FAQs say support is through the App or Meraki Go Portal and I can't log into either of those. 


not sure if you can open a case using that but worth a try. 

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