Go GR10 Mesh?


Go GR10 Mesh?

Can one GR10 act as a root AP for other mesh GR10s or do they all have to be wired?

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Meraki Go APs use the same meshing technology as our normal Cisco Meraki APs so they will be able to form a mesh connection with other APs in the same Meraki Go account wired or wireless. You can see their status (wireless/wired) on the app in hardware menu.


To my knowledge you can have up to 20 Go APs on a single Go account.

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Chiming in to confirm that Roska is correct;

There is a limit of 20 Meraki Go APs per account and the APs that will be meshing do not have to be wired; however the root AP is typically wired in this scenario.

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