GX20 setup Help

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GX20 setup Help

Is it possible to set up a port on the GX20 so that a device can pass through the GX20 as if it were connected directly to the ISP modem? 



IDEXX can't remotely connect to their router in order to update the lab equipment software. IDEXX requests that I bypass my Router/Firewall and connect their router directly to the ISP modem. Unfortunately, the ISP modem only has 1 port.


My set up:

The ISP modem is connected directly to the GX20 WAN. 

POE port goes to the WAP

Port 1 to my switch, then to work stations

Port 2 to a router provided by our lab equipment company IDEXX. Lab analysis machines are connected to the router.



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hello @ScottWilliams 


Unfortunately the GX20 does not support DMZ, so what you're asking for is not available out of the box.


But there might be a workaround.


In order to make it work, you need to know the port-number or port-range IDEXX uses to connect to the router. It would also be helpful to know the IP-address IDEXX has or uses for that type of connection.


Then you can set port forwarding rules on the GX20 and allow only IDEXX to use those ports.