GS110-48P - No DHCP on VLAN

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GS110-48P - No DHCP on VLAN

Hi folks,


I have a GS110 installed on a site and im having some issues.


Ive set up multiple VLANs (1111-1114) and everything in its own VLAN seemed to be working ok but I initially had 1 VLAN as native and another with VLAN 1114. The service on 1114 never passes DHCP traffic.


Ports 1-6 - VLAN 1111 - No DHCP needed

Ports 7-10 VLAN 1112 - No DHCP needed

Ports 8-14 VLAN 1113 - No DHCP needed

Ports 15-24 - No configuration (native) - Using this with DHCP because 1114 doesnt work

Ports 25-48 VLAN 1114 - DHCP server but does not pass DHCP


I reconfigured the ports 24 - 48 as default but i still get no DHCP traffic through it. Firmware is up to date. Ive rebooted it multiple times and its not possible to default it (Heavy production).


Ive attached a couple of photos.

The first is port 24 - Passes DHCP

The second isPort 25 and i get no DHCP


Im used to Cisco and have been programming with CLI for years so im confused as to why none of this works.


Ive reached out to support but it takes 2 days to reply and im only on this site for 2 days a week.



Port 24:

Cisco Port 25 reconfigured.png


Port 25:


Cisco Native.png