48 Port Switch SFP


48 Port Switch SFP

I have an office requirement to have more than 48 ports in an office.  30 associates, phones and computers = 60 ports + Wireless APs, copiers, printers.  We'd like to use Meraki GO and 2 48 port switches.  Can the two 48 port switches be connected through the SFP ports to create one 96 port stack?


Meraki Go Team

Hello @BjohnsonSTL 


That is a great question! There is nothing stopping you from connecting any of the Meraki Go switches on any ports. You can connect the two 48 port switches via the SFP ports and leverage all 96 available ethernet ports for client devices.


To be clear, though, the Go switch line does not support what the industry commonly refers to as switch stacking or VSS. Each of the two switches will handle STP and their configurations individually.