Where to get ECMS1 for free?

Building a reputation

Where to get ECMS1 for free?



A colleague of mine told me that the Cisco ECMS1 is free

When I searched for it, I found that it costs money. (200USD)


I have no problem paying but am trying to find other places to take the course.

Does anyone know of external sites, such as Udemy \ Pluralsite, etc. that are passing this training?


My goal is to get a good knowledge of Cisco Meraki products (specifically MX \ MR & MS products)


Thank you very much!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As you are active on the Community for a couple of months and obviously have already configured a couple of things, you likely won't learn anything new in the ECMS1. If your employer wants you to know this stuff, and will pay for it, go directly for ECMS2.

Building a reputation

I thought it was a prerequisite course to get started with the Meraki equipment

My main goal is to get to know my equipment from the inside and be able to troubleshoot all issues

But if you say that it`s a no brainer, than I`ll check the ECSM2


thanks man!

Here to help

If you work for a cisco partner, depending on your region, register an account using your CCO ID at  www.merakipartners.com.  You may be able to enroll for free in there.  Myself and a number of my colleagues did this in December and Feb, and it was free.

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