What are you doing to relax when you're AFK?

Kind of a big deal

What are you doing to relax when you're AFK?

  1. NAP! 
  2. Catch up on Anime shows: My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, and Demon Slayer 
  3. Exercise.
  4. I don't like to cook but I can. It's one of those things that you once you start you're in the rhythm.
  5. Play with cat is a must 🐈
Kind of a big deal

  1. Movies and series. Last ones I watched: Once upon a time in Hollywood, Westworld S03E02. Can recommend both.
  2. Play around with tech. Just modded my Nintendo GBA SP with an IPS display. It's gorgeous.
  3. Ride or work on my motorcycle.
  4. Podcasts: latest I listened to was an episode of Nerdland, a show for and by nerds. Unfortunately only in dutch, so most of you won't be able to enjoy it.
  5. YouTube: I regularly and willingly let myself get sucked into the vortex.

1. Home Office and Homework from children

2. Go outside with the dog

3. Playing on XBOX => Destiny 2

4. Watching series on Netflix

and to finish drink some French beers 🙂

Here to help

All AWS certs can be taken online for now. If you are interested in those, but just couldn't find a testing window that fit your schedule, you could take it now.

Here to help

1. I play games such as beat saber and Call of Duty.


2. I tinker with things and do research to figure out how they work.


3. I run my own Unraid server at home so I spin VM's and Docker container's up all the time to test out game servers and utility's among other things.


4. If my vehicle needs work done to it I will work on that.


5. If I am feeling kinda lazy I will just browse YouTube for interesting videos to watch, usually about technology.

Frank Kelly
Head in the Cloud

My company is working from home. I did a recent network upgrade so I went in a couple of nights when there was no one at work to finish the upgrade.  I did some cable management stuff.  Enabled AD authentication for VPN. Everything is working. 

I’m learning Python and Blender 3D at spare time.  www.blender.org

Head in the Cloud

I would like to do 2FA also. What do you use?  Azure, or RSA?

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