Welcome to the Meraki Marketplace Feature Announcement Feed!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Welcome to the Meraki Marketplace Feature Announcement Feed!



We’re thrilled to announce the newly created Meraki Marketplace Feature Announcement feed, showcasing all the incredible developments surrounding the Meraki Marketplace (https://apps.meraki.io).


In this feed, you’ll hear all the latest developments surrounding the hundreds of tech partners who are featured in our exclusive catalog of applications developed on top of the Meraki platform.


You’ll get the scoop on the newest app listings, diving right into technologies that solve today’s business challenges. This feed will feature all updates from May 3, 2022, forward.


When you subscribe to this feed, you’ll receive:

  • Links to the latest tech partner blogs, offering practical use cases across industries
  • Updates on upcoming and on-demand Marketplace/tech partner webinars
  • Monthly tech partner spotlights, getting in deep with their apps
  • Monthly new app roll-call, a glimpse of the top apps added to the Marketplace


And so much more! We look forward to sharing all the latest with Meraki Marketplace - and open to your suggestions below on anything else you’d like to see in this feed.


About Meraki Marketplace

Meraki’s Marketplace is an exclusive catalog of technology partners showcasing their apps developed on top of the Meraki platform for Meraki customers, sales and partners to view, demo and deploy. Visit us at https://apps.meraki.io/

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