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Meraki for Non-Profits

I recently have become involved in a non-profit start-up who works with troubled teens. I am CMNA certified and work for a Cisco platinum partner so I have worked with Cisco Meraki quite a bit when servicing our customers and feel this platform would be great for the non-profit. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not Cisco Meraki has ever donated any equipment such as a Firewall, Switch, AP along with a 3 year license like they do for those who take the CMNA course.


If anyone happens to know a POC with Cisco Meraki I might be able to reach out with I would appreciate any feedback. I can be reached at

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Cisco Meraki have charity pricing, and you can apply for that.  The discounts are pretty good.


There is no such thing as a Platinum partner.  Perhaps you meant Premiere.


I think there has have been limited "give away" promotions in the past, but it is very country specific.



You are probably best to work with a local Cisco partner (like you used to work for before) and have them apply for charity pricing for you.

Agreed, speak with your local Meraki sales reps and/or partners about non-profit discount programs you might be eligible for. 


On a related topic (not to hijack the thread by any means!) I'd like to mention "Meraki for Good" which is Meraki's version of Cisco TACOPS regarding giving back, and gear donations for disaster relief and humanitarian crises.  Our Rapid Response Kits are specially designed as fully plug and play emergency network/communication kits.  They have been successfully deployed and leveraged during California wildfires, at multiple European refugee centers, after hurricanes Irma and Harvey in the US, the 2016 earthquake in Equador, as a few examples.  Here's a blog post from last year.


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