Has Anyone attempted the CMSS exam yet?


Has Anyone attempted the CMSS exam yet?

Wondering what your experience of it was?  Any labs or all questions? Harder or easier than you thought? 

Kind of a big deal

Yes,  I just passed the exam 10 Minutes ago. I'll write some lines about that (of course without any rule-breaking) when I recover from my mental disorder caused by the exam.


looks forward to hearing about it... that sounds quite tragic!!

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Well, it's a ccnp specialization level... so it could be a real cisco exam 😛 


Also really interested in it.

Kind of a big deal

I wrote a little blog-post about this and my preparation. Perhaps someone can benefit from it:


Could you shed a bit of light on the content?


How does it compare to previous ccna/ccnp level certifications?

I do not remember any of the CCNA/CCNP exams. But I think it is slightly comparable to the CCNA. Both are very broad in the range of knowledge that has to be known. Definitely nothing to take lightly. I assume that every answer is found in the Meraki documentation. 
@rbnielsen what was your impression?

Whether it's a CCNA or CCNP, I can't tell. I was half way through my CCNP Wireless when they shook the bag.


I didn't expect that level of detail wht the questions, bu then again I wasn't surprised. It was all something I remember we touched during ECMS2. 

But I did feel that there was a special focus on Meraki Insights and Systems Manager.


I remember some of the questions that I think was the reason I failed the exam. Some understandable, and some weren't.

In general, I hate questions on what port some specific segment of a technology communicates on, and if it's TCP or UDP..


How did you practice for it? 
Work in Meraki environment or got some-how recommended lab environment?

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I did it yesterday, but unfortunately I was 47 points away. 😞
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I passed it last Wednesday! I felt like the majority of the questions were fairly written - only a couple that needed to be reworded. I've been working with Meraki for about 5 years and was able to pass it without any specific study, but there were still a few questions that I would've needed to lookup the answer to.


I think they included a good mix of "CCNA-level" questions, but also some questions that required you to know the technology in a bit more detail. You definitely need to know the full Meraki stack.

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Does anyone know if the CMSS exam recertifies your older certs? I have a CCNA R+S cert expiring this year and I want to make sure I don't let it expire. I'd like to use the CMSS to recertify my CCNA.

It did not for me. Seems like even though it is "Specialist" it doesn't count as a true Specialist exam.

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