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Documentation Digest

Hi Community,


Here are some of the most important new articles or major updates that were published in May:


New Articles:


Wireless Issue Resolution Guide


RADIUS Issue Resolution Guide


MV32 Installation Guide


Major Updates:


MR45 + 55 Installation Guides

Change: Added a note to inform customers about an end-device firmware-based "SSID not seen" issue.


Combined Power on MS Devices

Change: Added a note including firmware requirements.


Deprecation of DES Encryption Algorithm

Change: A note has been added stating DES Encryption algorithm is not supported in MX 15.12 and newer and a related FAQ #2 has been updated.


MC Communications - All

Change: As MC phones are now end-of-support, all MC phone documentation has been set to by-link-only/non-searchable and has been removed from the front page.


Splash Page Traffic Flow and Troubleshooting

Change: The flow-chart for click-through and sign-on splash with EXCAP has been updated.


Returns (RMAs), Warranties and End-of-Life Information

Change: Original and replacement modular power supply units and fans for MS and MX Products are included in lifetime warranty and not the 1year warranty for accessories.


MS425 Overview and Specifications

Change: MS425-16, MS425-32 has 3x MA-FAN-18K and not 4x.


Configuring Clients for 802.1X and Meraki Authentication

Change: Replaced every "Meraki-hosted RADIUS" mention with "Meraki Authentication" and removed XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest

Reading throught the "RADIUS Issue Resolution Guide" a common issue I run into is when the radius key doesn't match on the dashboard when compared the client configuration on the RADIUS server.  Typically RADIUS servers give no response when this happens.  So a packet capture shows a query going to the RADIUS server and no response comes back.

Common causes of this can be from using random strong password generators which include characters that either the Dashboard or the RADUS server can't handle - but still let you save.

I guess the most common cause is human error, from copying and pasting different things.


If you added this it could go in the left hand side of the tree.



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