Documentation Digest: Mar 16th - Apr 26th

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Documentation Digest: Mar 16th - Apr 26th



Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between March 16th and April 26th:


vMX100 to vMX S/M/L Transition FAQ

Change: New article


Common Dashboard Alerts for Device Connectivity

Change: Article refresh and new section added – “Bad Internet Connection”


Device Posturing using Cisco ISE

Change: Update with link to ISE documentation


Using Layer 3 Firewall Rules

Change: Added note to state L3 rules in group policy configs are stateless.


Configuring SAML Single Sign-on for Dashboard

Change: Added note with best practices for opening cases for SAML users.


Best Practices for Meraki Firmware

Change: General refresh


WPA2-Enterprise PEAP Android 11 Security Issues

 Change: New article


Troubleshooting Client VPN

Change: Merged multiple troubleshooting documents


Product End-of-Life (EOL) Policies

Change: Updated EOS models


Cloud Data Retention Policies

Change: New article


WPA3 Encryption and Configuration Guide

Change: Added MR44, MR76 and MR86 to the document


MG Templates Best Practices

Change: New article


Client VPN OS Configuration

Change: Updated with recent Ubuntu version


WPA3 Encryption and Configuration Guide

Change: Added note stating WPA3 is enabled by default on wireless networks with MR27.X


Meraki Health Overview

Meraki Health - MR Access Point Details

Meraki Health - Client Details   

Change: Meraki Health articles reformatted into 3 new articles.


MS390 Series Installation Guide

Change: Updated recommended firmware code.


MX Routing Behavior

Change: Updated explanation around static route tracking.


PoE Support on MS Switches

Change: Updated with specifics on MS390 POE behavior


Cisco Meraki Firmware FAQ

Change: Removing specific device types from a combined network does not prevent the firmware upgrade manager from representing combined networks as separate items.


MR46 Datasheet

Change: Updated feature listing.


Out-of-Band Log Fetching

Change: Added more detailed instructions for file transfer.


MT Troubleshooting Guide

Change: New article


Setting Custom DHCP Options

Change: General refresh


Low Power Mode on Cisco Switches

Change: Updated with applicable APs


Web Clips in Systems Manager

Change: General refresh


MX Cold Swap - Replacing an Existing MX with a Different MX

Change: Added note stating you cannot remove the only security appliance from a network that is tracking by unique client ID.


Organization Settings

Change: Clarified that “Strong password” also requires that common words or names cannot be used.


Moving Devices between Organizations

Change: Clarified that static IPs of devices will change without support interaction.


Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) integration with MR access points

Change: Updated NBAR application count.


Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Compliancy with WiFi

Change: General refresh

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Re: Documentation Digest: Mar 16th - Apr 26th

@CameronMoody @Thanks for update 

Inderdeep Singh

Re: Documentation Digest: Mar 16th - Apr 26th

Thanks for the update

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