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Documentation Digest: Jan 13th - Feb 24th

Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: Jan 13th - Feb 24th

Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between January 13th and February 24th:


Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Change: Updated with new screenshots and text formatting.


Calculating Cisco Meraki BSSID MAC Addresses

Change: Added note – “Please use APIs as a primary way to retrieve BSSID information. No new BSSID values will be added to this article moving forward.”


Low Power Mode

Change: Added note – MR45 and MR55 access points require 802.3at (PoE+) to function properly and do not support low power mode.”


Cisco Meraki and Umbrella Integration - MR Advanced/Upgrade License

Change: Added information about assigning licenses and trials.


Billing for Wireless Access

Change:  Added - Support for PHP currency, fixed text formatting and Dashboard references to be up to date with the current UI.


NAT Mode with Meraki DHCP

Change: Added - Due to the implementation of client isolation, clients on a NAT mode SSID cannot talk to clients on a bridge-mode SSID when both clients are connected to the same AP.


Switch Stacks

Change: Model specific physical stacking hardware support information has been added.


Loop and MAC Flap Detection on MS

Change: Minor cosmetic and formatting.


Managing Firmware Upgrades

Change: Cleaned up the wording of the firmware upgrade barriers section to outline the concepts more rather than any specific firmware version


Client Tracking Options

Change: "Cloud Track" has been renamed to "Unique Client Identifier"


Meraki Mobile App Beta - FAQ

Change:  New article


Introduction to Cellular Technology on Meraki

MG Troubleshooting

Change: Updated values for RSRP & RSRQ


MR36 Installation Guide

MR46 Installation Guide

MR56 Installation Guide

Change: New articles


MR36 Datasheet

MR46 Datasheet

MR56 Datasheet

Change: New articles


MA-UMNT-MR-A2 Universal Mounting Adapter Installation Guide

Change: New article


Common Wireless Event Log Messages

Change: Added section on iOS devices passing more detailed event log information in MR26.6+


Device Utilization

Change: Updated with additional detail.


Video Walls

Change: Updated to include new fisheye de-warp capabilities


Troubleshooting Client VPN

Change: Updated with additional detail.


Extending the LAN with a Wireless Mesh Link

Change: Updated with specific firmware requirement.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: Jan 13th - Feb 24th

I still love seeing these! Thanks for the update @CameronMoody 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: Jan 13th - Feb 24th

Me too, and it's a big batch too!


I've already used the MR advanced licensing info 😎

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