Documentation Digest: December 3rd - December 23rd

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Documentation Digest: December 3rd - December 23rd




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between December 3rd and December 23rd:


Authentication Enhancements and New Dashboard Security Features 

Change: New article. 


Meraki Authentication Server Certificate Rotation - Feb 2023 

Change: New article. 

MV93 Series Installation Guide 

MV63 Series Installation Guide 

Gen3 Meraki MV Mounting Options and Guidelines 

Change: New articles. 


Cloud Monitoring Required Configuration 

Cloud Monitoring Detailed Device Configurations 

Change: New articles. 


Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst Onboarding 

Change: Added details about cleanup script, when removing a Cloud monitored Catalyst switch from Dashboard. 


MV Cloud Archive 

Change: Added newer models to Archive Specification table. 


Meraki Vision Changelog 

Change: Added release notes for up to v1.6.20. 


MT14 Datasheet - Indoor Air Quality Monitor 

Change: Corrected Ambient Noise sampling interval to 5 minutes. 


Uninstalling Systems Manager and Removing Managed Devices 

Change: Added new section about "Deprovisioning ChromeOS Devices". 


SM Enrollment Authentication 

Change: Updated "Azure as IdP" section. 


Finding Logs for Android Troubleshooting 

Change: Updated steps to access USB debug logs using ADB. 


Android Enterprise Deployment Guide 

Change: Added warning, that changing the email address used to bind the work domain, will require all Android devices to be re-enrolled. 


Migrating from another Management Solution to Meraki Systems Manager 

Change: Added note, that Apple does not support a way to sync iCloud after the initial setup to the section "After the Migration". 


Using OSPF to Advertise Remote VPN Subnets 

Change: Added notes about OSPF route advertisement and how to achieve symmetrical routing. 


Splash Page 

Change: Added simultaneous logins and self-registration options to Advanced Splash settings. 


VLAN Tagging on MR Access Points 

Change: Added section "Management Interface of Meraki APs" and adapted wording to match new Access Control page flow. 


Enabling WPA2-Enterprise in Windows 

Change: Added steps for Windows 10. 


High Density Wi-Fi Deployments 

Change: Added data rates and throughputs for 802.1ax. 


Using the MS Live Tools 

Change: Added new sections for Cycle Port and MTR. 


MS Mid-Mount Mounting Brackets 

Change: Added MS125 and MS210/225/250 to the list of compatible switches, as well as the SKU. 


Multicast support 

Change: Added notes, that Immediates Leaves are supported and default for MS. 


OpenRoaming integration with Cisco Spaces 

Change: Added section "Basic Troubleshooting". 


Calculating BTU Consumption for Cisco Meraki Products 

Change: Added MG. 


Blocking or Rate Limiting iOS Updates 

Change: Added new Apple URL to the blocking list. 


Upstream Firewall Rules for Cloud Connectivity 

Change: Added section "Upstream Firewall Rules for Cisco Threat Grid". 


Meraki End-of-Life (EOL) Products and Dates 

Change: Added MR20, MA-MNT-MR-H1 and MA-MNT-MR-H3 to EOL products. 


Meraki Co-Termination Licensing Overview 

Moving Devices between Organizations 

Change: Edited sections for license movement, to reflect new license move tool for co-term. 


License has already been claimed 

Change: Added warning, that Meraki Support cannot disclose the license owner and current location, if requester is not an admin of the organization in which it is claimed. 


Cisco+ Secure Connect - Sign on Once 

Change: Added section "Admin Sync". 


Mandarin Support Hotline 

Change: Adapted for 2023 holidays.

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