Documentation Digest: August 19th - September 2nd

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: August 19th - September 2nd



Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between August 19th and September 2nd:


IPv6 Device Compatibility

Change: Added IPv6 ACL support


MV in Healthcare Design Guide and FAQ

Change: General formatting and organization changes.


Adaptive Policy Configuration Guide

Adaptive Policy MS Configuration Guide

Adaptive Policy MR Configuration Guide

Change: Unified with cross-links.


MX Templates Best Practices

Change: Revised multiple section such as static routes, VLAN overrides and SD-WAN policies.


Content Filtering and Threat Protection over Full-tunnel Site-to-site VPN

Change: Combined notes on security inspection being performed on the local MX


Automatic NAT Traversal for Auto VPN Tunneling between Cisco Meraki Peers

Change: Updated KB to mentioned the use of UDP port 9351


Network Objects Highlights

Change: New article


VLAN Tagging

Change: Added note stating support for “tunnel-type” and “tunnel-medium-type”


Adaptive Policy and Cisco ISE

Change: New article


Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) integration with MR access points

Change: Added notes on moving devices without NBAR support.


Troubleshooting Non-Meraki Site-to-site VPN Peers

Change: Updated AWS link.

Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki
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