Setting up Meraki ms320 at home

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Setting up Meraki ms320 at home



I recently purchased the Meraki MS320 48port switch. I have connected this to my internet router and patched in my / network cables into the router to use in the home. When connected to my laptop the Lan status shows ' unidentified Network and am not able to able to obtain an IP. 


Is this because the switch needs to be setup? I don't require cloud-based management but more unmanaged. 





Kind of a big deal

Kind of a big deal

@pareshv  Meraki equipment cannot be used without a cloud based license even if you only want to use the device as an unmanaged switch. You will need to create a dashboard account, add the device to you inventory and purchase and apply a license for it.

@BlakeRichardson, It can run in a grace period.


@pareshv have you created a Meraki account and configured It on the dashboard?

@alemabrahao Yip but I suspect the OP was wanting to use the device without attaching it to the dashboard which is why I never mentioned the grace period.


The MS320 went EOS in 2017 and goes end of support in 2024. I'm guessing it was sold cheap and possibly not explained to the OP that licensing was required.

Thanks for the info guys. How much is a year licence? 

Meraki Employee

You will require a quote from a Cisco authorised partner for your license, the SKU will be in the following form:

There are three models;   non-PoE (simpoly remove the xx) Low Power (xx=LP) or Full Power (xx=FP)    Then you have the choice of 1, 3 or 5 years licensing, for the last x   (7 or 10 year licences available, but for a model that's already end of sale, that might not be sensible).

You must match the license to the model of switch hardware that you have;   you can't for exampe, use a non-PoE license for a PoE switch.

Kind of a big deal

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