Postman Bulk Device Import

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Postman Bulk Device Import

I'm new to the Meraki network cloud technology.


My team acquired Meraki access points to replace our outdated Cisco APs. One option I liked when creating a new site was that I could bulk import a CSV file to create the new network, and import all access points. That CSV file would also add all the attributes of the access point, like name, address, notes, etc. 


Recently, one of the network guys I work with had to create networks for all of our sites for another device that was added. Now that all networks are created for all of my sites, that option to bulk import is gone.


I've heard/read you can do this using Postman/APIs, where you can use a CSV file to do the same thing at the bulk import option when you could create a new network, but can't find any information other than the existing API options that don't give me what I'm looking for.


I've tried using Postman to upload a CSV file, and at the least, I could import all the serial numbers, but it wouldn't update the attributes at the same time. Can this be done?


If anyone could help or point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!

Kind of a big deal

Thanks! I looked through that before and didn't find what I'm looking for. 


In Postman, there's a "runner" option to run along with the API call. That option allows you to select the CSV file. I'm looking for the right API call and the right values for the CSV. I'm just stuck on how to do it. Maybe there's a specific API call but I can't find it. 

That's what I've heard too, I don't have any Python experience, but have to start somewhere right?


Thanks for the links! I'll check them out.

Kind of a big deal

Postman is a really great tool to test individual API endpoints / calls but when you need to script something like in your case , Python is really the way to go. 


It is not that hard , you could try on your own with the great documentation that Meraki offers and we could also help you if you encounter issues !


Good luck

That seems to be the general consensus to use Python...


Thanks for your input!

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I made this free course a while ago. The project at the end is exactly what you're describing so this should equip you perfectly! 


Good luck

Awesome! I'll check it out for sure.


Thank you!

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