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Equipment List

New to purchasing Meraki switches and trying to avoid a costly mistake. or not purchase the right inventory to complete the purchase.  Any advice on what else is needed if purchasing 43 Meraki 48 port switches, the associated licenses, 12 Meraki - 24 port switches, also their licenses, & Racks to install.. what connects each switch in the rack to each other?  or is that not necessary?   I have planned cat 6 wire between the racks in the separate LAN rooms.  

Kind of a big deal

Have you talked to your Meraki sales consultant?

Kind of a big deal

@Kate_2  Or check with the Meraki Partner who can help you to get the quotes with the discounts 🙂 

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As others have stated please work with your Meraki sales partner, they can help you craft the correct solution. Good luck.

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