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i would like to have some infos about CMNA.


Is any difference between EMEA, APJC, ANZ, ecc.?

At the end of the course, it will be an exam?


Do they give me a meraki kit once i obtained the CMNA certification?


I know is for partner, my company is meraki partner.

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Hi @c_barsa_t , from memory, there was no exam. It involved hands-on labs during the session so if you can follow a lab guide you should be fine.  Can’t comment about the difference between regions but would assume they’d all be the same (content wise).

Thanks @DOC_Meraki , i didn't know was for regions, i thought it but i wasn't sure.

which one is recommended for Europe(Italy)?

what about meraki kit?

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With regards equipment, mine came through relatively quickly, approx 4-6 weeks after completion 

I believe you can sign up via the Meraki partner portal:

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thanks @DOC_Meraki 

If you can get access to the above portal then that should provide more details around course availability, content etc

Kind of a big deal

Meraki no longer offers promotional gear after attending Instructor-Led CMNA courses.


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