New to MX? Start here!

Hello! Are you new to the world of MX Security & SD-WAN Appliances? If so, we've got a few resources to help introduce you to the solution.


Getting Started


MX Family Datasheet - MX Family Features and Specs

MX Installation Guides - Model specific Product Diagrams and Installation steps

MX Quick Start - Quickly get your MX online and talking to Meraki

MX Best Practices - Best practice configurations across the majority of MX features


General Info


Basic Features

Layer 3 and 7 Firewall - Restrict traffic with classic L3 and L7 Firewall rules

VLANs and Routing - Setup your VLANs, Subnets, and Static Routes

DHCP - Configure your MX as a DHCP server

Port Forward & NAT - Allow inbound WAN traffic using Port Forward and NAT rules

Group Policy - Apply unique policies to specific clients, VLANs, or AD Groups


Security Features

Threat Protection - Documentation on AMP and Snort IDS/IPS

Content Filtering - Restrict traffic to specific URL destinations or generic website categories


VPN & SD-WAN Features

Auto VPN Overview - High-level look at Auto VPN as a feature

Auto VPN Settings - Various VPN configurations, including OSPF and non-Meraki VPN peers

Client VPN - Overview of Client VPN support and links to OS-specific setup docs

SD-WAN Overview - High-level look at Meraki SD-WAN and topologies

SD-WAN and Traffic Shaping - Configurations to optimize VPN traffic and shape network traffic


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all MX documentation or features. More advanced documentation beyond the basic features can be found at!


If you're interested in learning about Meraki's training offerings, be sure to check out The Meraki Learning Hub! There you'll find tons of great information about Meraki led training like CMNA and ECMS.

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