New to MG? Start here!

Hello! Are you new to the world of MG Cellular gateways? If so, we've got a few resources to help introduce you to the solution. 


Getting Started


MG Datasheet - MG Product Breakdown, Specs, and Supported Carriers

MG Installation Guide - Hardware, Product Diagrams, and Physical Installation steps



General Info


Dashboard Configuration - Initial device configuration guide. NAT, DHCP, Port Forwarding, and Traffic Shaping 

Template Best Practices - Guide for large-scale multi-site MG deployments

Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting and steps for common issues




If you're interested in learning about Meraki's training offerings, be sure to check out The Meraki Learning Hub! There you'll find tons of great information about Meraki led training like CMNA and ECMS.

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