Send syslog messages from dev-net sandbox

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Send syslog messages from dev-net sandbox



I am new to Meraki and have recently obtained access to Meraki Enterprise dev-net sandbox. I have added a few devices to my network - MX65W, MS225-24P and MR53. I've setup a syslog server on a public IP and configured Meraki with those details. I am trying to capture syslog messages from the network devices.


I am looking for some help on how to connect clients/hosts to this network -or- generate traffic so I can see some syslog messages. I am hoping to capture messages of as many event types as possible. 




P.S - From the sandbox documentation it appears the sandbox mostly enables users to experiment with the REST APIs of the devices/appliances themselves but not to put traffic to generate syslog. Is that understanding correct ?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @sai23 ,


Have you checked out the Meraki lab environments on dCloud? That should deep link to the Meraki part of the catalog. Several of these are designed for partners but you can use them even if you're not an onboarded partner yet.

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