wireless username and password from owner

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wireless username and password from owner



I am creating a profile to be delivered to an IOS device via Meraki Systems Manager. I want to configure the WiFi option. I have set the security to WPA/WPA2 Enterprise. On the authentication tab it states: As of iOS 9+, iOS no longer supports wireless profile with blank EAP credentials. I understand this cannot be blank for my profile to work, but is there the ability to either prompt user for username and password on creation or to use the username and password supplied by the owner of the device as set in Meraki Systems Manager. If so how is this achieved.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer; but I would expect the user to get prompted if the credentials were wrong - just like if you connect to it manualy and you rotate your password after so many days.

I added a mobileconfig file containing the WiFi setup minus authentication username and password when this is deployed to device it prompts for username and password. When you deploy the mobileconfig file via meraki the application of the profile fails and does not prompt user. This is the error: error: Profile Installation Failed/Profile Failed to Install/The profile could not be configured to EAP seems prompting for info doesn't work with meraki deployed profiles so really looking at passing the owners username and password if that is possible or from AD any suggestions would be appreaciated


I'm in a similar situation.  I'd like to either have the user be prompted for their username / password or allow me to use the Owner that is assigned to the device in Systems Manager.


The only way I can make the wireless profiles work is to hard code a username and password.

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