searching for device serial numbers

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searching for device serial numbers

It seems that when searching for an MDM enrolled device by serial number, there are some bridges to cross.


  •  Pick the right spot to search 
  • Add the serial number column 

Is there a field which will allow searching for device serial numbers globally on a network / multiple of networks?

Meraki developers if you look at these threads then perhaps having a global search option would be helpful / if there is a global search location, please let me know.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Alas you can only search within a network.  Not across networks.

You could do it via scripting which will make it less labour intensive:


2019-04-02 22_16_51-Meraki Dashboard API.png


Being able to search all serial numbers across multiple would networks would be a great addition. Pretty time consuming to hunt around -- seems like it should be easy enough to add a view that includes Device list in the View all networks option under NETWORK.




How about this?


Systems Manager > Manage > DEP


I am able search for any serial number within the Apple Device Enrollment Program view. The devices list has Location (network) in the results. Beats searching every network one by one. I can work with this.


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