meraki vpn on win10 not working

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meraki vpn on win10 not working

Tried everything but error code is 809 all the time.


Added the registry key as instructed on this website, no luck.


Can someone give a solution to this issue?


My PC windows10 works well but my desktop does not work.

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I've had luck rebooting my MX when all else seem to fail

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I am on the client side. I don't have rights to reboot my companies server.

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Was there any other client vpn software used before Meraki Client VPN?  I have had similar issues with computers that transitioned from Forticlient to Meraki.  



IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules disabled (Windows only)
Solution: This occurs most often when 3rd party VPN software has been installed and disables the IKEEXT service. This can be re-enabled by navigating in Windows to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Find the service named "IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules" and open it. Change the Startup type to "Automatic". If this automatically reverts to "Disabled" or fails to start, it may be necessary to remove the 3rd party VPN software:

I installed forticlient.

I will look into that.






Look into your Windows error registry

the issue is probably this.


I did fix in this way




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have seen this issue happen with broken NAT implementations in some home routers.


Try this for a test.  Turn your Internet router off and back on again.  Once you are back onlne again, try the VPN.


Also try checking for any firmware updates for your Internet router.

This issue is hanging for months. I have to use my laptop to connect.

But my router restarts occasionally which does not fix anything as far as i see.

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I realise that this thread is very old and that there are loads of methods out there to resolve this, but yesterday on two machines i have i was having nothing but issues, all error 809.


Long story short, Disabled Xbox Live Networking Services, and 100% working without any other intervention.


If you search for generic Windows 10 809, and exclude "meraki" from your search, there are a few troubleshooting guides with the same level of items we have here (uninstalling WAN Miniports etc) but i demonstrated on my home PC and my work laptop that stopping the Xbox Live Networking Services had the immediate result of allowing my Meraki VPN to connect.

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