iOS Home Screen Layout - Webclips

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iOS Home Screen Layout - Webclips

I have 15 web clips I would like to arrange on an iPad mini 4 running ios version 11.4.1. Every time I add the web clips in the iOS Home Screen Layout, most will disappear, a couple will jump to a new page, and the rest will remain on screen but have a white background. It must be a glitch, and judging by past posts, this isn't the first time it has happened. Meraki SM says it can handle the arrangement of apps with ios 11.3+, so why is this still happening and how can it be fixed?

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A few things that jump to mind:


-If you are using a whitelist/blacklist profile please confirm you have 

-Are you using a home screen configuration? I would confirm that the URL and name for the web clips are identical to the web clip configuration, if not it will not recognize them

-Delete the device from dashboard and re-enroll using

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I am not using a whitelist/blacklist profile and the URLs are matching the added web clips for their configuration. I did also try re-enroll the device and that did not work. One thing I had come across was the "iOS devices will need to be supervised for the payload to function," is this necessary. Do the devices need to be in supervised mode in order for the home screen payload to operate. In order to enable to supervised mode, the ios devices need to be enabled with DEP or Apple Configuration. Is this what needs to happen just to get home screen layout to work?

Yes, the device needs to be supervised. I would highly recommend speaking with Apple Business and getting enrolled as soon as possible. Apple is really pushing DEP and Apple Configurator now allows you to bring 3rd party bought devices into your DEP with a 30 day provisional period. 

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