iOS Google Account Configuration

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iOS Google Account Configuration

With the upcoming changes to Google, the option to use the Exchange configuration will be eliminated. Instead we will be forced to use iOS Google Account, which uses OAuth (pop up similar to browser login) to add the account into the phone. This allows the user to use an account with 2-factor authentication and without using an app specific password (which is what is being eliminated). This increases the security of the account, which is a welcome change from Google. Having said that, I can't find the way to use this feature correctly.


So far we have been using the Exchange configuration and it works because it has the option to use the "owner" of the device as the email for the configuration. This means you only need one setting that substitutes the email field for the owner. With the iOS Google Account configuration we don't get the option to use owner for the email, which means we would have to create an individual setting for each user. This does not scale well as you can imagine. We don't have Meraki set as our Gsuite MDM, as we only use meraki for a subset of devices.


Anyone has any recommendations on how to configure the Gmail account instead of using Exchange in order to prepare for the June Changes in google that will not allow to add any new accounts using this method?





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