Windows Profile Enrollment - Automation?

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Windows Profile Enrollment - Automation?

I have 600+ devices (primarily Windows & Mac laptops) currently enrolled via the Meraki SM agent.  When we first used Meraki SM, the agent was all there was.  


I am looking for a more automated way to enroll Windows devices into the profile method.  It is surprising to me that there is no way to push this via the agent.  I have tools to push installations as well.  The current documentation describes a method that is 1) manual & 2) requires end users to have admin rights to enroll.


Even if I had my team manually enroll new devices before deploying them, we still have 600+ devices already deployed that I want to enroll via profile.  


Has anyone ever figured out a PowerShell or other windows script that could be run to enroll the profile management? Or if the current process could be wrapped into an executable and deployed (that's what I was able to do on the Mac side), I'm open to that as well.


Thoughts?  Comments?

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Hi tfriedrich, welcome...

wondering here if you are able to use Domain Group Polices on your enviroment, if does, you are able to deploy the SM agent through your OU...
Thus, Group Policy combines with Active Directory in business settings.

How this sound to you?

I'm not entirely opposed, but I'd rather a more agnostic solution (such as a script or executable that could be deployed via whatever means an organization uses) . 


Also to clarify, we have the SM agent installed without issue (it's part of our base image deployment).  And we have other tools to push the agent exe/msi installer as needed later.  It's the profile enrollment that is the challenge. 


Singe agent enrollment & profile enrollment each have different feature sets, Meraki SM is in some ways, two products in my opinion, something their marketing team does not make super clear in my opinion.  Since the capabilities of profile enrollment vs agent enrollment are entirely different.

Kind of a big deal

I would really like Meraki to support Windows 10 AutoPilot - which allows for automated profile enrollment.


Failing that, the magic DNS entries which allows automatic profile enrollment.



I have wished for this several times now.

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