Unable to fetch Android app permissions (contacts)


Unable to fetch Android app permissions (contacts)

I'm having some issues with deploying Android apps which require contact permissions (READ_CONTACTS & WRITE_CONTACTS). When I go to the app settings, it states "Enabled by admin" for Contacts. However, when I open the app (for example Google Contacts has this issue), it refuses to run due to missing permissions.


When I set the permissions policy to "Prompt" instead of "Auto grant" and reinstall the app, everything is working fine. Is this normal behavior?


As suggested by Meraki Support, I've tried adding Android App Permissions for that specific app but the "Fetch permissions" button won't work? Instead it logs a error in my browser's console. Is this some kind of bug?


Uncaught TypeError: this.getFlux is not a function
at t.startJob (pcc.settings_new.bundle.min.js?1570047421:38)
at t.n.getPermissionsForBundleId (pcc.settings_new.bundle.min.js?1570047421:30)
at n.getPermissions (pcc.settings_new.bundle.min.js?1570047421:30)
at Object.a (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at l (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at u (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at s (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at p (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at f (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)
at d (vendor.bundle.min.js?1569961505:2)

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

What is the case number you opened?


My case number is 04317618

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