System Manager Firewall Rules; Confusion / 3rd Line Assistance Required

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System Manager Firewall Rules; Confusion / 3rd Line Assistance Required

Hi All,


I am trying to piece together a basic and Cisco Rule list I can share with customers. We have had feedback and feel that the Firewall rules are not very clear. The main problem is that they are bundled together.


I hope this post will assist those who may feel the same.


Stage 1 - Barebones


AIM: This is to get the iOS device activated, DEP Profile downloaded, time automatically set.


From Apple, this should be:

TCP 80, TCP 443, TCP 2197, TCP 5223, UDP 123 for (Class A block that Apple own).


However, Meraki included an additional 2195-2196 which I cannot see mentioned by Apple. Is this required?


Additionally, why does on TCP 443 need to be an end-point?



Now on to the Cisco rules;


*** Before this section you would set your VLAN->WAN


set srcaddr "XXXXXXX"  - Customer Subnet
set dstaddr "all" - Include Everything for a moment (Lazy, but far easier)
set action accept
set schedule "always"
set service "Meraki-Services"


edit "Meraki-Services"

set member "HTTP" "HTTPS" "TCP-2197" "TCP-5223" UDP-123"

This is what I have got. Can someone at Cisco Meraki confirm this would work?


*** Obviously at the end you need to copy your temp in to your main file



Stage 2 - Barebones + iOS SM App


*Place holder; This would be the bare minimum to get the iOS Device setup and the SM App communicating.


Thank you,

Peter James

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