System Manager: ChromeOS and Android apps (project crostini)

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System Manager: ChromeOS and Android apps (project crostini)


we have some Chromebooks enrolled via SM to push Sentry Wifi and VPN policies. 

Everything seems to be working, although we are getting some weird behaviours:

- Idle warning is logging out Macbook users with Chrome sync enabled

- can't push Sentry wifi as on MacOS, we need to create a dedicated User and push it to all chromebooks (instead of certificates)

- can't push Sentry Client VPN 


It looks like we need to setup Android for Work to complete the Chrome OS MDM setup, but don't know what will happen to all the BYOD Android devices that are already using our G Suite Work Profile.



To enable Android apps in Chrome OS, do we need an extra SM licence?

Kind of a big deal

To enable Android Apps on Chrome OS from the device and in the OS try the below link.

I'm afraid this is not what I asked

Kind of a big deal

You do not need a SM license to enable Android Apps within the Chrome OS.

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