Students found loophole in Safari Web Content Filter... can clear history

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Students found loophole in Safari Web Content Filter... can clear history

We are a K-12 school and we use Meraki to implement the iOS Safari Web Content Filter as a restriction across all our student iPads. One important feature of this filter is the way it prevents the use of Private tabs and also prevents deletion of Safari history.


However our students have found a loophole in the implementation which means they can still delete their Safari history. When they switch from Bookmarks to History in the Safari app, the CLEAR button is available for a very brief moment, a fraction of a second, before greying out. This means that, if they are quick enough, they can tap it and delete their history before it goes grey.


I have sent this through to Apple feedback, but was wondering if anyone else had come across this?

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I've seen a similar, but not exactly the same issue. With Apple's new "ScreenTime" feature I have it set to lock devices out at 7pm (here at home). On one of my devices, Safari takes just a second or two to lock out, during which time my kids are able to pull up a video, which will keep playing, even after the lock out. Are you devices older? It seems to happen only on my older/slower devices.

Thanks Adam - sounds like the momentary availability is similar, but in a very different context.


I am surprised no one else here has students who have found this Safari History loophole? Are our students really that ahead of the curve...?!

Just bumping this in case anyone has seen the same behaviour? Or, even better, has a fix?


I've checked on iOS 12.3.1 and the loophole is still there.

WOW  you have to be really fast in order to hit that Clear button on the switch from bookmarks to history . Nice find though 

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