Strange behavior with iOS 12.4.9


Strange behavior with iOS 12.4.9

Hi everyone,


I have Systems Manager configured with correct iOS profile, all devices are DEP imported and VPP is setup correctly. I know all that because a) the management profile can not be removed by the end-user and b) all VPP bulk purchased and "MDM configured auto install" apps automatically install after device erase with no issue (no prompts to login to the App Store, etc). It basically works just as expected. 


However despite all that something does pop up right after device erase although clicking cancel seems to affect nothing. I mean I would expect if I click cancel for something NOT to work but that isn't case. Post-erase install all apps correctly including Meraki's MDM app.


So does anyone have any clue why this prompt pops up after device erase even though it does not cause any negative issues? Is it just cosmetic hassle to the end-user?


IMG_0001 3.PNG

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