SingleApp / Kiosk Mode vs iOS12: Cleaning / Re-indexing?

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SingleApp / Kiosk Mode vs iOS12: Cleaning / Re-indexing?

Does anyone have any information around iOS12 cleaning / re-indexing?

We have a number of devices running in Kiosk/SingleApp Mode that appear to get minimized when it comes to App cleaning time.


Thank you,

Peter James

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi PeterJames,


I spoke with some of our SM experts here at meraki and wanted to share some important information. Firstly, that the iOS app should never get minimized while in single app mode. If you see this happening there may be an issue with the mode along with other components. Additionally, there is no way for meraki systems manager to run the clean up utility mentioned. If you are seeing this behavior please reach out to meraki support ( for more in-depth troubleshooting and diagnosis.

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