Shared iPad for Business

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Shared iPad for Business

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I hope this feature is already on the Road Map for development. According to Apple, Jamf and Mosyle have already a first step implementation.


Also according to Apple, this feature requires iPadOS 13.4+

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Meraki Systems Manager has had support for that for many years. 

This support you are referencing is only intended for School Manager.


Apple Business Manager (or formerly DEP) had no Managed Apple IDs before a year or so ago. So Meraki wasn't able to support this feature.


As it states by Apple, for Shared iPads for Business you need iPadOS 13.4+

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Can you please explain a business case for a shared business iPad?

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A retail store could make use of it. 10 employees share 3 or 4 iPads throughout the week/month. Everyone still has his personalized Mail account or cashier interface etc.

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Does anyone know if this is possible without Apple School Manager?  I want to use the shared iPad experience for a healthcare use case.

I have done it for a retail client using Mosyle but I have not tried it in Systems Manager.

@beks88  At this stage it looks as though it not supported as SM only shows sync options for ASM not ABM. I would say Meraki are working on this.



@lpopejoy  No it requires either ABM or ASM both are free to join. ABM simply requires a DUNS number ot join and ASM you have to prove that you are a school.
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