SM: Upgrade your customers App(s) overnight silently / Without involvement

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SM: Upgrade your customers App(s) overnight silently / Without involvement

One of our key requirements for this solution and our customers is the ability to upgrade thousands of devices at once without them knowing, nor needing their involvement. I thought I would share this here today.


The key thing to remember is that in order to upgrade an iOS App silently, it must not be the focus on the screen. If you try to update an App that is on screen the device will go offline until the end-user responds. This prompts the user with a message that a Meraki URL would like to update the App.


Before we begin, you require:


- An iOS device

- A device enrolled in DEP, so you can use SingleApp Mode (from the client page)

- The device is online

- The ability to access two Apps on the device

- (At least 30% battery just for good practice...)


1. Check-In all your devices (Client Page. Select devices. Command > Request Check-in)

2. Disable in bulk SingleApp mode on your main App, via the Command Menu

3. Enable SingleApp mode for your second App, via the Command Menu

4. Wait for the client page to show all your devices in the second App

(For the few that do not update, you need to restart them but this is normally very few if any)

5. Disable SingleApp Mode entirely

6. Now the Kiosk Mode App will show '-' and you now only proceed with these devices (Tag all these devices if you wish)

7. Go the to App Management page (MDM > Apps) and select your app

8. Search for your tagged devices, or select them

9. Press Manage > Update / Re-Install

10. After a time check a bunch of random devices manually to check your devices updated

11. Put your device back in to SingleApp mode for your main App


The key thing to note is if the device goes offline at any stage, you should cancel down any 'Pending' commands as you can not be sure of the order and the device could end up offline. We have seen between Stages 9-10 a device going offline which is normally due to a weak Wi-Fi signal on the device and sometimes we just check the device hours later and it comes back. A proceeding SingleApp mode, due to how light weight it is can be sent to a device normally with a weak signal.

Thank you,
Peter James

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Kind of a big deal

Great write up @PeterJames. I am wondering if you could incorporate a few security polices and the new Do Not Disturb mode to automate this a bit more. I will have to take a look.



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Thanks @jared_f


I would love to be able to automate this, but unfortunately due to their being an order that this needs to be carried out in this would not be possible using Do-Not-Disturb. It would be great if I was wrong here.


Thank you,
Peter James

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