SCEP CA Certificate Configuration Change name

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SCEP CA Certificate Configuration Change name

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first time poster long time reader. I have noticed that when I first created my system manger I entered a customers name as the organisation rather than a network. It didn't cause me to much of a problem as manage to rename most things. I have now noticed though that the customers name appears in the ca certificate does anyone know if it is possible to change this ? It appears after this Subject: /CN=SCEP CA for Customer name/OU=259752 


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Kind of a big deal

You would have to re-generate the certificate.  Be careful.  I wouldn't risk messing with it.



I have tried that by downloading the CSr request then signing and uploading it back keeps the original customers name, do you know where the CSr pulls the name from ? Just in case I haven't changed the details everywhere I should have.


many thanks

I'm running into this issue too due to a naming mistake when the Org was first created. Doesn't seem to be any way to change it without recreating the entire Org.

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