Restore from backup puts Meraki profile back on

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Restore from backup puts Meraki profile back on

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We have a iPad we want to remove from Meraki and the DEP.  The device is supervised and the profile cannot be removed manually.  If I remove the device from Meraki, reset it and set it up as a new device everything works ok.  However, if I restore from a backup it puts the Meraki profile back onto the device as the backup was done when the profile was still installed. 


I can re-assign the device a new Meraki DEP profile that can be removed, but it doesn't seem to update the profile on the device and after the restore it still cannot be removed.  I'm not sure if the profile can even be updated like this?


Is there any way we can remove the profile and restore from backup?  Or are we stuck with setting it up as a new device and losing the user's data?

Kind of a big deal

I believe once you disown the device in DEP the profile should remove from the device. Also, make sure you remove the device from the dashboard. After that (ensuring the profile was wiped), you should create a new backup that does not contain the profile and you should be able to restore from that.



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