Remove Buildin Apps from workprofile or afw#meraki


Remove Buildin Apps from workprofile or afw#meraki

Remove pre-installed applications from the work profile and keep only certain applications 3-4.

I have created a security profile and blacklisted the applications but they do not seem to uninstall themselves.

I have the same problem when I do the roullout via afw#meraki.

I mean games that I don't need in my work profile or when I roll out

I hope I have expressed it in a halfway understandable way.


Thank you very much for your help.


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Oh right, I could map it on Network Profile. Thank you.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think what you'll want to do is enabled a whitelist, and then list every application you want enabled.  If it is not on the list it will get blocked.



Thanks Philip, but this is only for the Google Apps, what is with Outlook and other Applications that i need?

CRM, Remote app. etc...

This is for every app that ships on your Android phone.  Camera, everything.


If you want additional apps like Outlook then just deploy them.

Hi Philip,


thanks but there is no Camera 😞


Can i use a Profile for Container and one profile for afw#deploy?

Unfortunately the deployment with the whitelist didn't work because some applications were missing and I couldn't find them in the app shop. So I used balackistening and only put one application in to make the rollout work.



The camera is an app.  You just need to get the app ID for it for that phone to enable it again if you are using a whitelist.  The apps are quite possibly not in the app store because it was never intended for them to be downloaded.


The "standard" camera app is (so you can try whitelisting that).  However that does not mean the manufacturer of any particular phone chose to use the standard app.


Usually you can just good for the IDs.



You can create as many "Systems Manager" networks as you like each with completely different settings.  For example, we have one network for devices in "Device Owner" mode, and another for devices in "BYOD" mode.



Oh right, I could map it on Network Profile. Thank you.

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