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Does anyone know if it's possible to push SOPHOS endpoint to MacOs?


I've read some older threads which suggested that it wasn't possible. However we've moved to the new SOPHOS Central. Unlike Windows machines we don't have any tools to push the AV to macs which means we need to put it on the Macs by hand - which is painful.


I've found this article which suggests some command lines.



Has anyone tried?

My colleague is having a go but he's stuck with the "invalid app for Mac" error even though it's a DMG installed.

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Kind of a big deal

I haven't got any experience with this myself, but would these instructions help you out?



Not sure if you have a .dmg for that installer (or if you can create one from a .pkg/.app file using the linked instructions).

Doesn't look like it's possible from that.


This is actually the route we were already exploring but havent so far been able to make work.


We're possibly looking at wrapping the installer into a build at hardware deployment time but it's pretty painful that we can't fnd a way to do this using Systems Manager.  I mean it's fine when we first roll out the kit but if you pivot at some point (as we've just done) you're left having to insall manually. PITA for us.

I know managemnt are thinking of switching us away from SM into MS 365 enterprise. (We'd get the enterprise device management that way).

Shame really because I like having one window for all of this work.

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