Profile Installation Failed - must be installed interactively

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Profile Installation Failed - must be installed interactively

We are having an issue with a recently acquired iPhone. 


I initially setup the iphone successfully from DEP. It was compliant and showing as the profile had been pushed.


I gave the phone to the user and then he did a restore of the iphone from his backup to get his apps, files, and pictures back on to the new phone.


After he went through that process, the phone is stuck at the screen that says:

Configuring iPhone

Installing configuration from <our company network>

Profile installation failed

The profile "" must be installed interactively.


We cannot get beyond this screen. So I tried downloading the profile from the Meraki Portal-Manage-Add Devices-iOS for Apple Configurator. I then plugged the iPhone into the Mac with Apple Configurator and tried to add the profile to the phone. I get the following error:


An unexpected error has occurred with "iPhone"

Profile Installation Failed

A connection to the server could not be established.

[MCInstallationErrorDomain - 0xFA1 (4001)]


I've spent the morning looking this up and have not found a solution to the problem.


Thank you ahead of time for your help

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We found a way around it. We created a new profile that did not Skip the "Restore from Backup (iOS, macOS)" step. Then assigned the new settings to the device in DEP. 

Then we prepared the phone again using Apple Configurator and it allowed us to restore from iCloud. 



I have the same problem with installing intune profile on iPhones after restore,

how can I check to Skip the "Restore from Backup (iOS, macOS)" step, please?

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