Printer Deployment

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Printer Deployment

Just thought I would throw a bone out there and see how you all are managing printer deployments to macOS devices with SM. My previous job had me as a JAMF admin, so I am used to that environment; however am still needing to configure/install/deploy printers in my new job that are not AirPrint capable. (I called Meraki support and they told me they do not support printer deployments that are not AirPrint)


So, Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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You can create printer payload profiles using the macOS Server app from the Mac App Store using the Profile Manager feature. It’s $20, but it’s worth it b/c you can create custom profiles not necessarily available with Meraki. 


Just configure a Mac with all your desired printers (and associated drivers) in System Preferences. Then use Profile Manager on that same Mac to upload the printers into a profile, export the .mobileconfig and then import to your Meraki dashboard. 


This sounds great.  Is this method still working for you?  We will be using the new MacBook Airs and I like the printer management you described.  Do you also use Apple Configurator to create profiles?

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I am also looking for an update on this.  DWV did you get this working?

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