Online users indicates "not online" status on Device List

Getting noticed

Online users indicates "not online" status on Device List

Hi Meraki Team,

Just curious about this case. I've installed the Meraki Agent to a number of PCs.

Though it is just weird that we are experiencing these cases:

1. Desktop PC details successfully sync to the Sys Manager dashboard but status of the device is gray or offline (while device is really online).
2. Desktop PC details did not sync to the Sys Manager dashboard (cannot see the device on the list. Already tried to repair the installation, issue still persists).

Does anyone here have experienced this?

Kind of a big deal

Could anything be firewalling or blocking access to the Meraki cloud?

The thing is we don't have any firewall or any rule that would block connection to Meraki cloud.

So I don't think it is a firewall issue.

Kind of a big deal

You can try connecting to another network (hotspot) or something that is open see if it hits the meraki cloud. If you connect back and see that it's offline as @PhilipDAth mentioned it can be fw blocking.

Thing is it has no wireless capability (Desktop PC). Though I haven't tried to raise this issue to Meraki Support.

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